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A shooting experience for Gentlemen and Gentlewomen who appreciate the guns, attire and habits of the Vintage Years (1880-1914)


A safe side-by-side cartridge gun of good quality is required that reflects the Vintage period in its nature.

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and accessories shall be appropriate to the English Sportsman of the period and their guests. The Double Gun Society (formerly "Vintagers Order of Edwardian Gunners") began in 1994 when four friends who loved both side-by-side shotguns and the game of sporting clays recognized that the emphasis on score discouraged the use of fine game guns at sporting clay events. In response, they set up shoots for classic guns with emphasis on fun targets, Vintage attire, fine dining and good fellowship.


Membership in the Vintage Gunners is available to those who share our enthusiasm for the Double Gun. Members are invited to all shooting and social events promoted by the Vintage Gunners and by its affiliated chapters. Members in good standing receive periodic newsletters which may contain historic double gun information, news from the Headquarters, calendar of events as well as additional related articles. The pleasures of shooting double guns, consuming special cuisine and admiring finely executed gun work are greatly enhanced when shared.


Distance between members imposes a handicap to this shared enjoyment. Therefore, we encourage the formation of local chartered affiliates called Chapters. Members are allowed and encouraged to form a chapter for the mutual benefit of all. vintage shotguns


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President: Thomas A. Snyder, Sr. -- 607-759-7150 -- vintagers1901@gmail.com

Secretary: Matt Haney -- 404-783-0615 -- mmhaney@comcast.net

Treasurer: Joe Norcom -- 704-577-3180 -- jwnorcom@gmail.com